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Most people believe there’s only one crucial step to concrete, laying it. You allow a company to mix it, put it, and let it dry. Once it’s laid and dried, that’s it, right? Wrong. Like any other material, concrete requires maintenance. Weather, salt, harsh chemicals, acid, and other elements can reduce concrete causing it to crack, settle, or become uneven. Keeping up with concrete maintenance is vital because repairing is cheaper than replacing and we want our concrete to be presentable. Are you wondering how you can maintain your sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, patios, etc.? Leading Concrete Solutions, LLC. can help. For us, no job is too big or too small.

1. Properly cleaning your concrete is the first step in proper maintenance. Dirt builds up and rusts stains. Pressuring washing concrete at least once a year can keep it looking new, clean, and mostly stain free.

2. Sealing the joints and the surface of concrete reduces water damage while repelling water, resists abrasion and rejects weed sprouts. Sealing also protects your decorated concrete. In addition to the protection it provides, sealing gives your pavement a smooth, polished look. Your concrete should be resealed every six months to a year.

3. Over time concrete can become uneven and settled. Wet and dry weather directly affects the soil underneath slabs of concrete. Soil can expand when it rains and shrink when it dries. This causes the slabs to settle, making your concrete uneven. We will lift your concrete, making it even and eye-pleasing, as often as you’d like, wherever you’d like.

4. Excess water, fast-drying concrete, and foundations poured during the wrong seasons cause cracks in your concrete. If these cracks are overlooked, they will grow in length and number. Cracks in concrete can make driving difficult, can make your home less welcoming and can make room for growing weeds. Cracks can be repaired in any concrete. These repairs will keep your concrete durable and high in strength.

Leading Concrete Solutions is a local business based in Troy, NY. We provide cutting edge and cost-effective solutions for uneven and settled concrete slabs of all kinds. Our solutions are fast and effective, and we successfully handle jobs of all sizes. We can schedule concrete maintenance for everything, from the main roads to your private driveway.

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Robert Willbrant, the owner of Leading Concrete Solutions, has been in business since 2011. Leading Concrete Solutions offers masonry, slab pours, concrete lifting, concrete leveling, concrete repair, and foam jacking in Albany, New York and the surrounding areas.

Leading Concrete Solutions providing cutting edge and cost-effective solutions for uneven and settled concrete slabs of all kinds.

Every job, no matter how big, no matter how small, is as just as important to us as the next. We sincerely believe in 100% quality over quantity.  Quality, cleanliness and attention to detail are the stringent standards that put Leading Concrete Solutions a step above the rest. 

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